tell your story

In 2016, I began an idea-turned project-of telling my grandmother’s story.

For three hours, on a sunny March afternoon, my grandmother told me her story. The bits and pieces, the nitty-gritty, and the large level patterns in the course of her life. In turn, I asked her questions. Lots of them. What happened to that person? How did that make you feel? In what ways did you respond? How did your faith play in a role in that? Did you regret that choice? I ask questions out of curiosity – but I also ask questions because they help us seek truth. Following this session, I am writing my grandmother’s story with her. I write, she edits. Repeat.

This project has led me to conduct interviews with the closest women in my life. I’m hoping to write a book that shares my story (focusing on “coming out”) that still weaves together the stories of strong women in my life.

If you are interested in taking part and sharing your life story, please contact me at 

My creative writing portfolio includes featured spots in Communal Table, the United States Peace Corps blog, The Women’s Bakery blogLove Boldly and Ravishly. I also have contributed to Africa Agenda, a media outlet for positive African news, based in Denver, Colorado.

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